01. Contract

The parties agree and execute a contract


Door Title receipts the buyer’s good-faith “earnest money” in order to make the contract valid.

03. Open ORDer / Title Search

The title agency places an order with the title plant and a search of the property is conducted to make sure there are no liens or encumbrances on the real estate.

04. Title Review

After a search is conducted, the title agency provides a title commitment with its findings for the parties to review

05. Curative

To the extent there is any cloud on title (i.e. issues that would affect ownership of the real estate), the title agency takes steps to cure it.

06. Closing

The parties sign the necessary legal documents to consummate the transaction.

07. Funding

Door Title distributes all money received from the buyer for the property according to the terms of the purchase contract.

08. Policy

After all the necessary legal documents have been recorded, the title agency issues a title insurance policy to the buyer.